Anjaline Roberts Corray's Family

William Daniel Roberts Family

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Here's a picture Roger Corray had of my great, great , great grandfather William Daniel Robert's family.

He was from around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, started working in a mill then left to work in a circus

before settling down near Urbana to farm.  Anjaline Roberts, his daughter, and Isaiah Corray were Harmon

Corray's parents.  There are no names on the photo.  Best I can tell is that father William is 3rd from the

left, his wife Sarah Ann Johnson Roberts is 6th from left and Anjaline is 8th from the left, sitting just to her

mother's left side .  I have 22 letters that I scanned and transcribed from the old originals last winter that were

written to William and Sarah between 1843 and 1865.  If anyone is interested in reading them, just let me

know and I will get them to you.  If anyone has other pictures of the Robert's, please let me know.  I've seen

some that are old fax copies and would like to get better scanned pictures.


Peoria Mike Corray (dad, brother, or cousin as applies to you)