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Course Material Current as of:


  0112C Counseling For Marines
  0118K Spelling
  0119H Punctuation
  0131K Correspondence Procedures
  • Correspondence Procedures (Job Aid)
  •   0138B Order Writing Clerk
      0143B Legal Administration Clerk
      0144 The Unit Mailclerk
      3420F Personal Financial Management
      3422A Basic Pay and Allowances


      0210C Terrorism Awareness for Marines


      0321B The M240G Machinegunner
      0322J The M252, 81MM Mortar Crewman
      0326 Stability and Support Operations (SASO)
      0331K The 81MM Mortar NCO
      0332G Reconnaissance Marine
      0335C Infantry Patrolling
      0336 Scouting and Patrolling
      0338A The LAV Crewman
      0354B Desert Operations
      0355B The TOW 2 Weapon System Crewman
      0357 M98A1 Javelin Weapon System for Marines
      0365 Antiarmor Operations
      0366B Military Operations on Urban Terrain
      0368A The Heavy Machinegun Crewman
      0370B The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills
      0372A The Marine Rifleman: Weapons
      0380A Infantry Squad Leader: Combat Leadership
      0381C Land Navigation
      0382 Infantry Squad Leader: Weapons and Fire Support
      0383A Infantry Squad Leader: Squad Tactics


      0410C MIMMS
  • MIMMS (Student Reference Handbook)
  •   0414B Ground Maintenance Management Procedures for Supervisors
      0416A The Marine Corps Publications and Directives System
      045C The Logistics/Embarkation Specialist
      3503A Motor Transport Operator: NCO
      3521A Troubleshooting the M998 Electrical System
  • Student Evaluation Guide for Troubleshooting the M998 Electrical System
  •   3525C Tactical Vehicle Fuel and Exhaust System
      3538B Dispatching Procedures for Motor Transport
      3580A Automotive Engine Maintenance and Repair


      0813B Field Artillery Survey
      0816B Howitzer Section Chief
      0820D The M198, 155MM Towed Howitzer
  • The M198, 155MM Towed Howitzer Student Reference Handbook
  •   0861 Basic Forward Observation Procedures
      1800 AAV RAM/RS Crew Functions
  • AAV Crewman Tactical Pocket Checklist
  •   1831C Field Operations and Employment of the Assault Amphibian Vehicle
      1833B Assault Amphibian Crewman Functions
      1834C The AAVP741 Logbook and Communications
      1844A M1A1 Armament and Ammunition  
      1851 Operation of the Upgunned Weapons Station


      0614 Digital/Switching Equipment Operators Guide
  • SMART-T Handbook
  • SMART-T Reference
    Manual/Operator's Manual Department of the Navy Army Navy/CYZ-10(V)3 Data
    Transfer Device (DTD)
  • SMART-T Reference Generator Manual
  • SMART-T Reference KY-99 Manual
  • SMART-T Reference Manual/Operator's Manual General Purpose Telegraphy Encryption Equipment TSEC/KG-84C
  • SMART-T Reference Technical Manual
  •   0632 HF/UHF Field Radio Equipment
  • AN/PRC-113 (V) and AN/VRC-83 (V) 2 Programming Guide (Army/Navy Portable Radio Communication and Vehicle Radio Communication)
  •   2515H Antenna Construction and Propagation of Radio Waves
      2525B Communications Security
      2526B Introduction to Electronic Warfare
      2538A Single Channel Ground Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS)
      2540 Communications Plans and Orders
      2551D Field Wire Equipment and Procedures
      2552D Field Switchboards-Installation and Operation


      001A The Principles of Instruction for the Marine NCO
      0033 Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership
      0037 Leading Marines  
      0084 Career Retention Specialist
  • Career Retention Specialist Handbook
  •   0090 Pistol Marksmanship
      1334H Math for Marines
      4133 Semper Fit Basic Fitness Course  
  • Semper Fit Basic Fitness Course Job Aid
  •   4134 Semper Fit Advanced Fitness Course  


      1122A Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
      1141A Marine Electrician
      1142B Solid-State Devices
      1143 Interior Wiring
      1161 Fundamentals of Refrigeration
      1169A Utilities Chief
      1327 Engineer Estimations
      1328E Engineer Equipment Chief
      1332G Metal Working and Welding Operations
      1335C Fundamentals of Diesel Engines
      1343 Diesel Engine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1373A Basic Engineer: Combat Operations
      1374A Landmine Warfare
      1391A Bulk Fuel Specialist


      2124G Armory Procedures
      2125 Ground Ordnance Supervisor
      2135 Inspection and Repair of the M9 Pistol
      2820 Electronics Mathematics for Marines
      286G Fundamentals of Digital Logic
      287A Introduction to Test Equipment
      301N Basic Warehousing
      303H Warehousing Operations
      3044 Contingency Contracting
  • Contingency Contracting Job Aid
  •   3333 The Reserve Field Food Service Supervisor
      334L Food Service Fundamentals


      5812A Military Police Interview / Interrogation Forms
      581E Corrections 
  • Corrections Job Aid
  •   582 Corrections Supervisor
      5714A NBC Reconnaissance and Contamination Avoidance
      571A NBC Individual Survival Measures


      6001A Aircraft Maintenance NCO
      6002 Aviation Maintenance Workcenter Supervisor
      602A Theory and Construction of Gas Turbine Engines

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